Consumer Information - Los Medanos College


  1. Student Statistics and Diversity

  2. Tuition and Fees

  3. Academic Programs

  4. Accreditation, approval, licenses & state authorization

  5. Graduation/Completion/Retention Rates

  6. Complaint Process

  7. Peer-peer file sharing & copyrights infringement policies and sanctions

  8. Career and Placement Services

  9. Misrepresentation

Student Outcomes (Retention/Completion/Graduation)

  1. Retention and Graduation Rates

  2. Scorecard

Admissions and Records

  1. FERPA

  2. Policy for accepting transfer credit

  3. Articulation agreements

  4. Definition of Credit Hour

  5. Application Information

Financial Aid Office

  1. Program and Eligibility Requirements

  2. Student Loan Information

  3. Consumer Information on College Navigator posted by USED using IPEDS data

  4. Net Price Calculator

  5. FA Program Information


  1. Intercollegiate Athletic Program information

Campus Security

  1. Annual Campus Crime Report

  2. Fire Log and Fire Safety Report

  3. Missing Persons Notification

  4. Information to crime victims about outcome of campus disciplinary hearings

  5. Timely warnings and emergency notifications

  6. Make available Daily Crime Log

Sexual Violence Assault Policy and Prevention

  1. The Keenan SafeColleges Training platform is an interactive online program designed to prevent sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking, while helping the campus meet SaVE Act and Title IX education mandates. The following courses are recommended for students:

    • Sexual Violence Prevention for Community College Students
    • Title IX Rights and Protections
  2. Title IX Contact Information and Resources

  3. Sexual Violence Assault Policy and Prevention

Disabled Students Services

  1. Services offered to students with disabilities

  2. Facilities availability

Human Resources & Health Center

  1. Vaccination policy

  2. Drug and alcohol abuse prevention program

  3. Policy on Drug Free Workplace


  1. Textbook Information

  2. Copyright policies and sanctions